San Diego Weather

What type of clothing do I need to pack?

San Diego's location makes it the perfect year round destination. The cool breeze from the Pacific Ocean helps keep San Diego never too hot or cold.  Few demands will be put on your wardrobe. Casual wear is ideal for San Diego's comfortable weather. The beaches are ultra casual with the dress of choice consisting of  flip flops and a T-shirt. Downtown and trendy areas may require a business casual dress code.  You'll rarely need rain gear except occasionally in the winter months.  Evenings are cooler, even in the summer, so be sure to bring a jacket or a sweater. Winter nights can get very chilly when by the beach with temperatures in the 40's on some of the colder nights. Although, many San Diego Vacation Rentals don't have a need for air conditioners, they all may have the need for heat at certain points in the fall and winter. Many of our homes even have fireplaces which is usually all you need in our rentals. San Diego is a short drive to the snowy mountains so please bring appropriate coats if planning a trip here.  The temperatures can be on the warm side during the day even in the dead of winter so make sure to keep shorts and swim attire nearby. It is not uncommon to see people swimming in the Ocean on Christmas day or in January or February so bring a little something for the beach and the mountains. 

What are the average temperatures in San Diego?
San Diego has the luxury of fantastic weather year round with an average daytime temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21.4 degrees Celsius). The climate can vary greatly in temperature within small distances due to the topography of the land. Coastal properties have less fluctuations due to the ocean breezes. Destinations inland can be brutally hot in the summer and down into the 30's in parts of San Diego such as Ramona and Julian. You can enjoy coastal, mountain and desert environments all in the space of one day.

Where can I get information on  tide predictions?
With dozens of beaches located through out San Diego County, you will have plenty of options when looking for a place to take a walk. You can find daily tide schedules from the WaveCast website.